50 Days

Radiant Pavilion contemporary jewellery event Melbourne, Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, September 2019.

50 pieces of work made from discarded medical equipment, household objects, silver and copper. One piece for each day of the Victoria Nurses’ Strike of 1986. The nurses won almost all of the conditions they went on strike for, but they and their families sacrificed a lot in order to bring about this improvement.

50 Days pendant set next to QVWC office

50 Days wall opposite QVWC office

50 Days 14

50 Days 5 brooches detail3

50 Days 5

50 days invite

Not Plastic

Beijing International Jewellery Exhibition 2019

Justine Fletcher_Not Plastic 1.jpg

Not Plastic 1

Justine Fletcher_Not Plastic 2.jpg

Not Plastic 2

Justine Fletcher_Not Plastic 3.jpg

Not Plastic 3

This work is a reflection on our dependence on plastic with many of the components cast from containers and supermarket packaging.



For Alice

Justine Fletcher_For Alice_1.jpg

Justine Fetcher_For Alice_4.jpg

Justine Fetcher_For Alice_3.jpg

A pendant in honour of Alice Anderson (1897-1926) who was Australia’s first known female mechanic. It featured in Contemporary Wearables ’17 at Toowoomba Regional Gallery, Queensland Australia.

Materials: Antique petrol cap, elastic, embroidery thread, antique button.



2483 – Melbourne Tailoresses’ Union Triptych

Justine Fletcher_1.jpg

Original Tailoresses’ Hall, Melbourne

2483 - complete installation.jpg

During 1882-83 the tailoresses in Victoria became unionised and went on a series of strikes. For Radiant Pavilion, a contemporary jewellery event in Melboune, I cast 2483 resin pieces from belts and buckles.

Victorian Tailoresses membership book.jpgThere were 2483 names of women in the membership book.

2483 - meeting room 2 number

The work was exhibited in Meeting Room 2 at Trades Hall, Lygon Street.

2483 postcards from female union members.jpg

Current female union members sent me fabric samples attached to these postcards that I implemented into the casts.

2483 - five pieces.jpg2483 giacomo and nikki.jpg

2483 - window yellow.jpg

2483 - union material

Current unions supplied this material about the strike.

I was proud to be included in Kylie King’s AJF article, The Revolutionary Object




Wharepuke Sculpture Park, Northland New Zealand


211 cast resin plaster pieces filled this urn at the Wharepuke Sculpture Park. On the name of each piece was the name of a signatory of the third suffrage petition.

Bastion, Upstream Arts Trail

March 2015, Wellington NZupstream bastion 5.jpg

upstream bastion 3.jpg

upstream bastion 1.jpg

upstream bastion 7.jpg

upstream bastion 2.jpg

upstream bastion 4

Bastion took over the principal bridge in Central Park, with each window representing a suburb, geographically positioned. A list of names again divided by suburb was printed on each muslin strip which was attached to the frame and floated in the breeze. The names are of the women who signed the third suffrage petition, resulting in the vote being attained by women in 1893.


Justine Fletcher_3

1260 - facing toi poneke desk



1260 women from Wellington signed the third suffrage petition. In September at Toi Poneke in Wellington I hung chandeliers representing each suburb’s women from the ceiling in the gallery. The names of the women were listed on wallpaper sheets on the wall near each chandelier, linked with a thread.










Justine Fletcher_press image

In July 2014 I represented the 607 women who signed the third suffrage petition from the Wairarapa region with 607 cast domestic objects.

These were hung around the region in four different locations and brought together at Aratoi at the conclusion of the project.

I spent three weeks at a cottage at NZ Pacific Studios, Mt Bruce where I had won a fellowship.

Giovanni Tiso was kind enough to write a post about the work