2483 – Melbourne Tailoresses’ Union Triptych

Justine Fletcher_1.jpg

Original Tailoresses’ Hall, Melbourne

2483 - complete installation.jpg

During 1882-83 the tailoresses in Victoria became unionised and went on a series of strikes. For Radiant Pavilion, a contemporary jewellery event in Melboune, I cast 2483 resin pieces from belts and buckles.

Victorian Tailoresses membership book.jpgThere were 2483 names of women in the membership book.

2483 - meeting room 2 number

The work was exhibited in Meeting Room 2 at Trades Hall, Lygon Street.

2483 postcards from female union members.jpg

Current female union members sent me fabric samples attached to these postcards that I implemented into the casts.

2483 - five pieces.jpg2483 giacomo and nikki.jpg

2483 - window yellow.jpg

2483 - union material

Current unions supplied this material about the strike.

I was proud to be included in Kylie King’s AJF article, The Revolutionary Object




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